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Marcel has assisted profit & non-profit organizations with a numbers of questions & challenges. These range from plant breeding, plant breeder's rights, intellectual property, the seed sector in general, investment decisions, seed production, biotechnology and more.







Speaker/ Moderator

Through the combination of plant breeding, intellectual property, knowledge about the seed and grain trade sectors, and a strong background in communication (both written and spoken), Marcel will be able to help you grow your business.

Marcel has helped companies strategize their business decisions in various fields, such as intellectual property, investments decisions, biotechnology and more.

In over 60+ countries, Marcel has given numerous presentations on various topics relating to the seed sector. He is asked on a recurring basis to moderate discussions.

Behind the scenes interview for European

Handling the Press


Protect your assets

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Handling the press can be nerve-wrecking and easily lead to an unexpected and unwanted outcome. 

No return on investment without intellectual property. An effective IP system is the motor of innovation. Ensure a good protection of your valuable innovations.

Getting your message across is not always as easy as you may think. Prepare well, zoom in the necessities and fill the space.

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